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The Restaurant

Amelia, this small space in the world that we have created with great dedication, transmits the love for the best products and cooking them with the respect and mastery they deserve. The sea is the central element and the inspiration to create and evolve a cuisine full of nuances.

“Italian Omakase” is the idea that condenses Amelia's proposal where the harmony of Italian roots joins the counterpoint of Japanese flavors. Mixtures that surprise and make sense.

Chef Paulo Airaudo

I was born in the City of Córdoba, Argentina, in a family of Italian immigrants. When I was 18 I decided to start a new adventure, I left my hometown, my comfort zone and then this passion began. I have worked all over the world, including Mexico and Peru and in many European countries. In Europe I gained experience in legendary restaurants like Arzak in San Sebastián, The Fat Duck in London and Magnolia in Italy. In May 2015 La Bottega opened, a modern Italian trattoria where in October of the same year, the restaurant obtained its first Michelin star.

In July 2020 i moved the restaurant facing La Concha bay and after 4 months we got back our first MICHELIN star, on December 2021 we been award with our second MICHELIN Star. After 18 years cooking and searching for culinary excellence around the world I finally found my home, even the name of this ambitious project is named after my daughter Amélie, which means that this time I am here to stay.

Our Choice

To fully enjoy it, we ask that you spend at least 90 minutes with us.

[Our prices include 10% VAT]

Our Menu

Our goal is to offer a unique experience, creating perfect harmony between seasonal products and technique in the kitchen, expressing itself to its maximum. To carry out our mission, we have chosen to serve a tasting menu to all our diners.

* The menu can change priced without previous advice

Seasonal Menu €318
Our Pairings

Our range of drinks is designed to highlight each dish, making sure to perfectly complement this experience.

Non alcoholic Pairing €78
Short Pairing €94
Amelia Pairing €168
Champagne Pairing €184
Exceptional wine pairing €350